Gift ideas: A sample day

We’re taking 1 September as our sample day - because it’s our website birthday!

Just beneath this introduction, there's a list of the five gift ideas we match to some of the special personalities and highlights of 1 September.

At the foot of the page, there's a link to the 1 September example of the 'This is Your Day' print you can personalise and download to accompany the gifts.

Like every day on our calendar, our 1 September example highlights events and personalities in five categories – entertainment, food and drink, lifestyle, literature and music.

From these highlights, you may find it’s the day a favourite film, play or TV programme was shown for the first time, a famous book was published, a music album released, a food or drink product launched or an amazing invention introduced. You’ll also find celebrity birthdays with examples some of the films, books, music, food or inventions they made famous.

Follow one or all of our 'five a day' gift suggestions or use them to inspire ideas of your own - it's all aimed at coming up with fun and fitting gifts.

Here are our suggestions and the highlights of the day that inspired them. Hopefully they hit the spot – or help to inspire ideas of your own.

Deerstalker hat

Why? It’s the day that crime mystery movie 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' was released (1939) - starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce

Start here:

Supply of decaffeinated coffee

Why? It’s the day that a method to produce decaffeinated coffee was patented in the US (1908)

Start here:

Lambswool mitts

Why? It’s the day that the poem 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' by American writer Sarah J Hale was published (1830)

Start here:

Ladies or men’s watch

Why? It’s the day that the self-winding wrist watch was patented (1924) - by English watchmaker John Harwood

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Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses

Why? It’s the day that Michael Jackson’s Bad album was released (1987)

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Here's where you can download a sample of our personalised prints

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