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With Christmas on the horizon, perhaps it’s time to give your gift planning a bit of #UKGiftHourPower!

UK indies and creatives produce an epic weekly gift guide on the #shopindie Twitter hashtag event #UKGiftHour #UKGiftAM.

If you plan ahead and #shopindependent now, it means you’re giving them plenty of time to deliver their fitting and fabulous gifts, freeing you up to actually enjoy the festivities – and the praise you’ll receive for being so different and thoughtful with your gift-buying!

Here’s a sample of the most recent indie delights that caught the eyes of enlightened #supportsmallbusiness buyers:

Clockwise (from top left)

  • Festive penguin earrings from Yorkshire jewellery designer TwiggyPeasticks
  • Charity beanies from London homeless outreach volunteers Masato Beanies Homeless Support. For each beanie bought, another goes to homeless people and #UKGiftHourPower was thanked for helping the campaigners to reach their latest sales target.
  • Christmas reindeer from Norwich ceramic artist Hazlehurst Ceramics
  • Cork journal from Cambridge traditional bookbinder CraftedBooksBySueDay – or should we say two journals as she reported: “Happy dancing for the second time.”
  • Swizzle sticks from Sussex glass jeweller MaisyPlum Fused Glass – two sets were reserved after she unveiled them on #UKGiftAM.
  • Sparkly shawl by lifelong knitter Granny's Fireside – part of the Masato Jones indie collective. “it sold after its first showing on #UKGiftAM,” she said.
  • Aromatherapy bath and showel gel from Sheffield lifestyle consultant MelTempleSpa. “I’ve just ordered!” a #UKGiftAM buyer declared, “I can’t wait to receive it!”
  • Vintage hydrangea floral wreath from Northern Ireland home décor specialists Jasmine & Lily Floral Wreaths
  • Centre - Lancashire seaglass creative Beachtcrafts announced a sell-out of all her Christmas cards during #UKGiftHour #UKGiftAM on #SundayMorning. “I was madly posting them on Etsy at 9am and then straight on to #UKGiftHour #UKGiftAM,” she told us.

Don't be last-minute, be #UKGiftHour #UKGiftAM! We're the UK indie and creative giftfinder at your fingertips on Twitter every weekend from 9am-noon!

• We reproduce product pictures with the sole intention of promoting the work of the UK indie or creative concerned. Where possible, we will link it to the owner's site to make it easier for potential customers to reach the buying point. We are not interested in or in any way attempting to pass off the products or pictures as our own. If you are an indie or creative and you are unhappy with any aspect of our presentation, please get in touch and we will cooperate to ensure all due permissions and credits are honoured and made clear #shopindie #supportsmallbusiness

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