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There was an inspired display of how #UKGiftHour can make a material difference to your gift-giving during the top-trending Twitter UK indie and creative showcase last weekend.

In recent weeks we’ve been treated to imaginative #giftideas in a range of crafts – from wood and textiles to crochet and needlefelt – but last weekend the focus turned to more solid examples.

Stone, glass, bronze and concrete made a heavy duty impact thanks to the ingenuity and skills of (clockwise from top left, above):

Dragon hand carving in local stone by Sheffield stone artist and sculptor Stephen Nicholson

Dichroic glass pendant by Peterborough glass artist Samphire Glass

Bronze leaf sculpture by London architectural and decorative bronze sculptor Ashleaf London

Concrete pastel rainbow necklace by Weston-super-mare jewellery designer Concretely Shop

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• We reproduce product pictures with the sole intention of promoting the work of the UK indie or creative concerned. Where possible, we will link it to the owner's site to make it easier for potential customers to reach the buying point. We are not interested in or in any way attempting to pass off the products or pictures as our own. If you are an indie or creative and you are unhappy with any aspect of our presentation, please get in touch and we will cooperate to ensure all due permissions and credits are honoured and made clear #shopindie #supportsmallbusiness

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