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#ukgifthour boost for indie sales

More than 50 sales have been attributed to #UKGiftHourPower by UK independent and creative businesses since we began to track the impact of weekend #UKGiftHour sessions on Twitter.

“It could easily be more than that,” said #UKGiftHour creator David Knight, managing director of the #onthisday #giftideas database, Presents of Mind. “These figures rely on what feedback we’ve received – many, many more sales could have resulted without us knowing.”

#UKGiftHour was launched to demonstrate how UK indies and creatives are able to provide different and imaginative gift ideas for all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, special celebration days or ‘just because’.

“The response was outstanding and we soon wanted #UKGiftHour to be more than just a showcase – we wanted it to become a catalyst for sales,” said David. “It’s hard to think of a sector that deserves it more.”

Buying from indies and creatives takes a bit of planning ahead to compensate for the struggles they can have with turn-around times and postage compared to all the bigger concerns.

“But we’d argue the rewards are much greater,” David added. “Indies and creatives produce unique gift ideas with so much more character and meaning than the mass market. Their customer service also makes buyers feel as if they matter a lot more.”

David practised what he preaches by commissioning special seaglass artwork from Fife artist fifeseaglass to celebrate his own wedding anniversary. “My wife was thrilled by how clever and special it was,” he said.

A separate sold piece from fifeseaglass features in our visual (above) of purchases made as a result of #UKGiftHour.

The full rundown is (clockwise from top left) a limited edition Mimi T-shirt by London designer and #shopindie champion Masato Jones; fused glass pendant by #Peterborough glass artist Samphireglass; scented incense cones by #Sussex fragrance ace magsaroma; dice earrings by #WestYorkshire jewellery designer TwiggyPeasticks; framed seaglass artwork by fifeseaglass; seaglass jewellery sets by #Argyll beachcombers ArgyllSeaGlass; thankyou teacher card by #NorthWest graphic designer Buzibee Designs; diffuser bracelet by #NorthEast maker Essentially June Jones and (centre) handsewn keyring by #Lincolnshire designer elliestreasuresuk.

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• We reproduce product pictures with the sole intention of promoting the work of the UK indie or creative concerned. Where possible, we will link it to the owner's site to make it easier for potential customers to reach the buying point. We are not interested in or in any way attempting to pass off the products or pictures as our own. If you are an indie or creative and you are unhappy with any aspect of our presentation, please get in touch and we will cooperate to ensure all due permissions and credits are honoured and made clear #shopindie #supportsmallbusiness

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